Sinus Problems

“Dr. Shemen, a sinus physician, has performed several thousand sinus operations and has been employing balloon sinuplasty (balloon sinus surgery) techniques since its inception”

What is sinusitis?

Sinusitis refers to inflammation in the sinus. Commonly, there are four sinuses on each side. Any one of these or all can become inflamed for a variety of reasons. The most frequent cause is a cold which causes the opening of the sinus to swell.

Once this happens, the sinus cannot get rid of the organisms within and the sinus becomes infected with bacteria causing swelling. If it is treated quickly and adequately, the sinus may return to normal.

Treatment varies although may include antibiotics, inhaled steroids, or saline nasal rinses. If needed, the sinus openings can be enlarged with balloons in the office setting. If the infection lingers on, the lining becomes further inflamed and thickened – this situation can only be corrected surgically.

Doctor Shemen can help you with any sinus issues you may be experiencing. The Doctor has over 30 years of experience in treating sinus issues and is well equipped to help you.

Sinus treatment

The treatment for sinus problems is usually accomplished with antibiotics, saline rinses, and nasal sprays. However, if this conservative management fails to control the process, sinusitis treatment may include sinus surgery.

In minimal cases, balloon sinus surgery, also known as balloon sinuplasty, may be performed in the office and may be sufficient to solve the issue. Where more extensive sinus conditions are encountered, the sinuses may have to be opened with a sinus surgeon with powered instrumentation.

Typically, sinus doctors perform the procedures in the hospital and patients can expect one night of discomfort and can then return to normal activities. ​

Dr. Shemen uses innovative techniques for the treatment of chronic sinusitis, including Sinuva’s implant which replaces the need to use cumbersome nasal sprays.

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