Head and neck cancer

Patients presenting to a head and neck doctor with cancers in the neck and throat usually have a painless lump in the neck. They may also note a tumor in the throat causing interference with speech or swallowing or a tumor in the mouth.

Neck lumps or neck cancers commonly represent the spread of a tumor from the throat or mouth. A complete head and neck examination by a neck cancer surgeon and imaging studies for head and neck tumors are crucial to identifying the source and spread of cancer.

Neck cancer surgery includes removal of the nodes in the neck as well as some muscles and veins if involved by cancer. Head and neck cancer surgery may require complex repairs to restore function and appearance.

Comprehensive neck cancer treatment may also include radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Dr. Shemen has particular interest and experience in dealing with rare nerve sheath tumors in the neck and carotid body tumors, which are benign but can cause problems related to their size and location.

Dr. Shemen has cared for several thousand patients with head and neck problems and is an expert in head and neck surgery.

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