Mouth and Oral Cancer​

What is oral & mouth cancer?

Typically, cancers of the mouth are characterized by a red, painful, bleeding lump on the tongue, lips, cheek or throat and may be associated with a lump in the neck.

What causes oral & mouth cancer?

The most common factors leading to an oral cancer are smoking, alcohol consumption and human papilloma virus (HPV).

All suspicious lumps should be biopsied and analyzed by a doctor. The appropriate radiology studies are then performed.

Treatment of oral and mouth cancer

Treatment is individualized and may involve surgery, radiation or chemotherapy or all the above.

Oral cancer surgery is required in certain cases and requires the expertise of an Oral Cancer Doctor (also known as as a mouth cancer doctor).

Over the past 32 years, Dr. Shemen has personally performed several hundred procedures for oral cancers with excellent long term results.

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